Removable dentures (prosthesis)

Individual Dentures for a Natural Smile

Customised dentures for a natural smile

Smile freely and naturally, as if you were doing it with your own teeth. At the Cambridge Clinic, we take precise impressions and produce customized dentures based on them. A particular advantage is that our dental technician is actively involved in selecting the color and shape of the teeth. This gives him a comprehensive picture of your face and allows him to adapt the dentures perfectly to your appearance.

If frenula or other structures in the mouth make it difficult to attach the dentures, Cambridge Clinic has experienced surgeons who can make appropriate adjustments. Even though this is a surgical procedure, it is simple, painless and quick to perform, which significantly improves the wearing comfort of the dentures.

Personalised dental prosthesis consultation with our experts

Did you know that there are alternatives to removable dentures? Our experienced doctors will present you with various options, explain each option to you in detail and inform you of the exact costs of the treatment.

One of the options could be the use of dental implants, to which the dentures are permanently attached and which function like your own teeth. Such a solution can significantly improve your quality of life.

Visit us and let one of our doctors advise you to find out which option is best for you.

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You ask - we answer

We are happy to answer frequently asked questions to improve understanding of our processes

Dentures are removable dental prostheses that are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. They can be designed as full dentures, which replace all the teeth in a jaw, or as partial dentures, which only replace some teeth.

Dentures are recommended when several or all natural teeth have been lost and normal function, such as chewing and speaking, as well as the aesthetic appearance need to be restored.

The adjustment period can vary, many patients need a few weeks to get fully used to wearing a prosthesis. Your dentist can give you tips on how to speed up the fitting process.

Dentures require careful care, including daily cleaning with a denture brush and non-abrasive cleaner, and regular overnight soaking in a denture cleaning solution. Avoid hot temperatures, as these can warp the denture.