Aesthetic Dentistry

Veneers - your way to a radiant smile

Do you dream of a flawless smile with white, straight teeth? Veneers from the Cambridge Clinic could be just the thing for you. These thin ceramic veneers are applied to the front teeth and lateral areas of the dentition specifically for aesthetic purposes in order to conceal discoloration, misalignments and other irregularities. Each veneer is individually designed and made to perfectly match the color and function of the wearer’s teeth, ensuring an even and radiant appearance.

Veneers offer a permanent solution for aesthetic corrections and remain permanently on the teeth. They are particularly beneficial for patients who want to address various dental problems at the same time, such as discoloration, unflattering tooth shapes or misalignments. Veneers are an excellent alternative if bleaching is not an option or if lengthy orthodontic treatment is not an option.

White fillings (seal)

A radiant smile that inspires at first and second glance – you deserve it. In our practice, we produce fillings in natural shades and precisely fitting shapes that are modeled on your teeth. We use minimally invasive techniques and only remove the part of the tooth affected by caries. In this way, we protect and maintain the health of your teeth.

Dental Bridges

At Cambridge Clinic, we offer a variety of dental bridges, from standard bridges to floating and inlay bridges, to provide customized solutions for replacing missing teeth. Each dental bridge is custom-made in our dental laboratory and precisely adapted to your teeth. As fixed dental prostheses, dental bridges are used to close gaps between teeth that have been created by the loss of teeth. This quick and effective solution helps you to regain your radiant smile in a short time.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to protect and preserve damaged or decayed natural teeth by crowning them completely. Temporary dental crowns can be fabricated directly in dental and orthodontic practices as a short-term solution until the permanent dentures are ready. Permanent dental crowns are individually and carefully adapted to the patient’s teeth in the dental laboratory.

Plastic crowns are inexpensive, but tend to wear and damage more quickly. Metal crowns, often made of gold or other metal alloys, are very stable and durable, but stand out due to their color and are therefore usually only used for molars. Ceramic crowns are particularly popular for the front teeth due to their aesthetic qualities and color consistency with natural teeth. They are also gentler on the teeth, as less tooth structure has to be removed to fit them.

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We are happy to answer frequently asked questions to improve understanding of our processes

Aesthetic dentistry encompasses procedures that aim to improve the appearance of your teeth, your smile and thus your entire facial expression. These procedures include bleaching, veneers, dental crowns, tooth shaping and more.

Aesthetic dental treatments can not only boost your confidence with an improved smile but also enhance the function of your teeth and promote long-term oral health.

Most aesthetic dental treatments are minimally invasive and cause little to no pain. For sensitive patients, local anesthetics can be used to increase comfort.

A detailed consultation with your dentist is the best way to determine the appropriate aesthetic treatment based on your individual needs and desires. Your dentist will examine your teeth, discuss your aesthetic goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan.