Dental hygiene

Professional teeth cleaning for long-lasting dental health

At the Cambridge Clinic, we recommend regular professional dental cleanings to maintain long-term dental health. Starting in childhood, these cleanings help to prevent dental problems and pain.

Our prophylactic treatments reach hard-to-reach areas, prevent the formation of caries and periodontitis and extend the life of crowns and fillings.

We attach great importance to the prevention of dental damage. Regular professional cleaning is therefore an important part of dental care in our clinic, which ideally complements daily oral hygiene.


What is bleaching?

Bleaching, or tooth whitening, is a popular aesthetic treatment in dentistry in which discoloration in the tooth enamel is removed by using a gentle bleaching agent.


There are different methods of bleaching, which can be divided into internal and external tooth whitening:

The dentist applies the bleaching agent directly to the teeth. The dosage is individually adjusted to achieve optimum results.

This enables teeth to be whitened at home using special products. However, it is recommended that whitening is carried out by specialists to avoid side effects.

At the Cambridge Clinic, we use our expertise and specialized methods to ensure that you achieve a radiant smile safely and effectively.

Who is bleaching suitable for?

To ensure that tooth whitening does not damage the sensitive enamel, it should be fully mature, which is why professional bleaching is only recommended from the age of 18. In addition, the enamel and teeth must be intact. If the bleaching agent gets inside the tooth through damage and comes into contact with the nerve, this could pose considerable risks. Therefore, your dentist will thoroughly check whether there is any dental damage that would speak against bleaching before a bleaching treatment.

You ask - we answer

We are happy to answer frequently asked questions to improve understanding of our processes

Bleaching is a cosmetic procedure in which special bleaching agents are used to whiten the teeth and remove discoloration. It can improve the natural color of your teeth and contribute to a brighter smile.

When performed by a qualified dentist, whitening is safe and effective. It is important to have a full dental examination before treatment to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

Bleaching is suitable for people who want to whiten their teeth without structural changes. However, it is not suitable for everyone, such as people with very sensitive teeth, pregnant women or people who have non-permanent restorations or veneers.

To maintain the results of your bleaching, you should avoid smoking, limit the consumption of discoloring foods and drinks and practice good oral hygiene. Regular professional dental cleanings and post-whitening treatments can also help to maintain the appearance of your teeth.